Burncare 10cm x 10cm Burn Dressing

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Burncare 10 x 10cm Single Dressing handy for first aid kits and small burn areas (fingers).

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Main features

  • A unique versatile foam dressing – provides essential immediate treatment & protection within the 1st critical 24 hours, following a burn
  • Immediate effective treatment – soothing, cooling relief for burns, scalds and sunburn.
  • Provides a protective barrier and prevents the burn progressing through healthy tissue.
  • Absorbs and dissipates heat.
  • The dressing is saturated with a sterile, water- based gel which is non-toxic, non-irritant and does not contain any fats or greases
  • It moisturises the burn area, and the soothing tea-tree oil cools the skin thereby minimising trauma or tissue damage
  • It is non-adhesive and can be removed with cool water or saline solution without causing any discomfort
  • Apply directly to the wound and cover with a protective bandage
  • Burncare dressings are safe for use on all types of burn.
  • A great burn product to add to your first aid kit.

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